Feb. 6, 2007

Exciting Times! "Marathon" Don Kern calls and says bought the 3-chip camera to help video the 7 Continent in 35 Days World Record and team up to support pal Don Hall- Man O’ War World Record Marathon CITY TO CITY MARATHON to DEFEAT MALARIA introductions!

His Buddy, Nelsen, drove up and spent some time to donate professional cram time info on new cam operation. Nelsen will be helping to produce some pro video for the ADVENTURE!

Mark Time to Birmingham Alabama Marathon: 115 hrs. 26 min. then its off to Egyptian International Marathon.

Here are List of Runs:

The marathons included in the “world tour” are: Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham Alabama (North America), Egyptian International Marathon in Luxor, Egypt (Africa), Maraton Popular de Valencia in Valencia, Spain (Europe), The Last Marathon on King George Island (Antarctica), Fin del Mundo Marathon in Ushuaia, Argentina (South America), Six Foot Track Marathon in Sydney (Australia), and the Donga Seoul International Marathon in Seoul, South Korea (Asia)

Two Guys Off out to CHANGE THE WORLD!!